Step-By-Step Process Of Different Types Of Draft Beer Dispensers

Step-By-Step Process Of Different Types Of Draft Beer Dispensers

Beer dispensers are excellent add-ons to bars, restaurants, lounges, clubs, and events to quench the thirst of people. The simple draft beer design makes them easy to use and has the required capacity to hold liquor before a refill. Similar to other equipment, draft beer installation and routine maintenance must be executed correctly.

Types of draft beer dispensers

Beer dispensers can be divided into three categories.

1.   Kegerators

2.   Jockey boxes

3.   Outdoor kegerators

Each one of them features varying benefits and suits a specific environment. Before considering a particular draft beer installation, the following factors must be looked into:

·         The location of serving beer

·         The number of people to be served

·         The space available

Knowing the answers to the above-mentioned questions helps to choose and consider the right draft beer installation.


It is a refrigerated beer dispenser designed to hold multiple beer kegs. The following vital elements are required to set up a kegerator.

·         Casters

·         Beer dispenser

·         Faucet

·         Tap towers

·         Regulator

·         CO2 cylinder

·         Tubing lines

·         Coupler

Step-by-step kegerator installation

1.   Installing casters on the unit’s bottom

2.   Securing tap towers on the beer dispenser

3.   Mounting the faucet to every tap tower

4.   Connecting the gas line tubing to the CO2 regulator when the shut-off valve is closed for additional safety

5.   Attaching the regulator to the CO2 cylinder, fastening with a tool, if required

6.   Settling the tank mount of the unit and ensuring the cylinder inside

7.   Based on the instructions of the manufacturer, it is recommended to tag the kegs by linking coupler, beer lines, and gas line tubing

8.   Placing the kegs inside the unit, thereby beer is ready to be served.

Jockey box

Also referred to as a coil box, is an excellent solution for portable beer serving. The following important elements are required to install a new jockey box.

·         Two shanks for each tap

·         Beer lines

·         Coils

·         Faucet for each set of shanks

·         Regulator

·         CO2 cylinder

Step-by-step jockey box installation

·         Closing the faucet so that spillage can be prevented while installing.

·         Usually, a jockey box dispenser comes equipped with coils and shanks. In case they are not pre-assembled, it is suggested to place the coils inside the jockey box and attack the shanks.

·         Linking the beer lines to the shank in the box’s back side, and then to the keg coupler.

·         Attacking the keg coupler to the key, followed by pulling, and twisting to tap it, and then finally attaching the coupler to the CO2 tank.

·         The installer must fill the jockey box with around 2/3rd ice, followed by water until the ice bath reaches the coil top.

·         The final step required opening the faucet, thereby ready for beer serving.

Outdoor kegerators

They are perfect for serving beer at outdoor patio bars, and events. It is similar to a conventional kegerator, except with a heavy-duty exterior. The robust exterior can withstand the outdoor extreme weather conditions. The installation process is similar to the kegerator beer dispenser. It requires the same components as a kegerator. One must follow the steps of a kegerator to install an outdoor kegerator dispenser.


The above-mentioned step-by-step draft beer installation processes prove the setup is not highly complex. If the user abides by the instructions provided in the manufacturer guide, he/she can easily install the draft beer dispenser without hassles.

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