Everything to Know About Moving Companies

Everything to Know About Moving Companies

Choosing the right moving company is as important as choosing the perfect apartment to stay in. The moving company which people opt for should be within their budget and they should be trustworthy.

As there will be many movers to choose from among the available options it is better to check every aspect before finalizing the correct mover.

As the process involves so much trust it is recommended to opt from the local NYC moving company as they know what and how the task can be done in a perfect way.

Factors on which the moving costs will depend?

For moving things for new apartments many companies will charge differently based on so many factors. Some of them include

  •     Travel fees including fuel charges and toll gate fees
  •     If the home to which things should be moved is on the second or third floor, the steps involved will also be considered.
  •     It depends on the day of the week as well.
  •     It also depends on the season. In most cases, summers will be very busy.

Cost of living in New York City

Usually, New York is a pretty costly city, and the cost of living there will be 141% above the national average. Some of the basic facts that need to be taken into consideration include

  •     The main factor that contributes to the cost of living in New York City is high real estate prices.
  •     There are more renters than original residents in New York.
  •     Daily expenses like food and basic items will be more costly than the remaining areas.
  •     The average cost of a home in NYC is $21,05,921 and the average rent is $5,063 per month.

Costs of moving company basing on the size of the home

To decide on the moving cost that will be required for the home generally depends on the size of the home. The moving cost for a local NYC moving company based on the size of the apartment is as follows

  •     1 bedroom apartment

For this type of house, a minimum of two movers are required. It will take around 310$ for loading and unloading. For 5 hours it may charge 40$ to 80$ to rent a moving truck.

  •     2 bedroom apartment

Using a professional moving company for this type of house will cost from $2100 to $7000 for a 1200 mile move.

  •     4 bedroom home

The average cost for such a home will be 1150$ excluding any special charges involved. For any extra supplies and boxes, it may charge an extra of 200$ to 240$.

  •     3200 sq ft homes

For such houses, it will require 10000$ to 20000$. If it involves unloading, unpacking after arriving at the house, the cost will increase.


Estimating the cost of the moving truck of a local NYC moving company will be tricky. Long-distance moving companies will charge depending on the items that need to be moved and the distance of the travel.

The approximate cost for long-distance moving charges from 600$ to 10000$ and more than that also, depending on the size of the things and home. Distance also matters in this case.

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