Why Video Marketing Is Necessary for Growing Businesses?

Why Video Marketing Is Necessary for Growing Businesses?

In today’s competitive world, a business needs many things to thrive such as a compelling offering, visionary leadership, and exceptional service. But the most important thing that your business needs to generate some buzz is a good story. A story is a really important component of marketing as it elicits different emotions. It can influence people, tell them who to trust, and can even play on your nostalgia. For instance, you will be transported back in time if you see an ad using a classic song from the 90s on your TV.  Moreover, a good story cannot only help one understand complex information but can also easily communicate a brand’s entire character in less than 3 minutes!

Why Is Video Marketing Important?

Video is an integral part of your content strategy because it is both measurable, and memorable. Plus, if made right, these videos can grab the attention of the people. You can use videos to talk about complex concepts, inspire marketing-specific actions, and share stories about your customers. This medium is extremely valuable to data-driven marketers as you can monitor the engagement levels of the audience.

Some Benefits of Video Marketing

Now that you have understood why video marketing is so essential for businesses, let’s take a look at some of the benefits that your brand can obtain from this medium.

#1. High Ranking on Search Results

The amount of time a visitor spends on your web page will directly impact the ranking of your website on the search results. Therefore, having an engaging video embedded in your website will reduce the bounce time, helping your site to rank higher on Google’s SERP. HubSpot has also approved of this theory. They reported that 80% of the marketers have said that videos increased dwell time on their website. Also, according to Mist Media, 88% of the internet users tend to stay on a website that has a video embedded. Forrester also conducted research and found out that websites that make effective use of videos are likely to be ranked on Google’s first page.

#2. Influence Buying Decision

Creating meaningful videos will directly influence the buying decision of the consumers. According to Forbes, 90% of the customers have said that the product video helps them make the buying decision. HubSpot has also shared their findings and revealed that 97% of the marketers are of the opinion that the video has helped consumers understand their product or service better.

#3. Complements Your Marketing Strategy

One of the best things about video is that it will perfectly complement your marketing strategy. For instance, if you are thinking of uploading weekly blogs then you can easily convert them into videos. When your how-to articles are turned into how-to videos then it might just provide your audience with greater informational value. Plus, there is a possibility that they feel more engaged and understand the information better.

#4. Increases Revenue

Yes, this is very possible. If you are using videos to connect with your audience, then some people might actually feel connected with you or your message and will make the purchase. This will allow your revenue to grow. According to Aberdeen Group, marketers who use video content are growing the company revenue by 49% every year.

#5. Builds Consumer Trust

There is no denying that videos can provide a more holistic, and personal connection much quicker as compared to copy. But you should consider using these two in tandem to present your organization as human, knowledgeable, and human. Video can help with the first two. If you choose to deliver extra content in a down-to-earth and genuine manner then you can quite easily build consumer relationships and trust.

To show the human side of your business, you can simply share behind-the-scenes footage of employee interviews in an interesting way. This might just make the relationship even stronger between the customers and your business. For example, not only does Spectrum offers great deals with amazing Spectrum internet prices but it also shares interesting video content on its YouTube channel to strengthen its bond with the customers.


Video content is unquestionable a great tool when it comes to engaging your audience’s attention. Plus, considering the benefits above, it sure tempts a marketer to go this route and focus more on creating informative yet entertaining videos for the customers. Why? Because it pays! So, will you too be making videos of your business?

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