How can I learn Illustrator fast?

How can I learn Illustrator fast?

So you are starting to an illustrator? The road is sure to be very hard. In fact, you will find many challenges along the way. However, if you can keep your mind and heart open, and allow creativity to flow, everything will fall into place. Of course, the following tips for beginners in the illustration are helpful:

1. Start by imitating. If you want to create techniques or learn to draw, you can simply copy what other people have already finished. Your goal here is to assess how much improvement you need to make in terms of your illustration skills, knowledge, and strategies. In no way can you claim that your sketches are yours, as you are simply copying from someone else.

2. Avoid using computers. There are computer programs that you can use to draw. In addition, you can make your images in 3D, which will later give more life to your characters and objects.

However, if you want to go the ways of the masters, you should avoid starting your illustration journey with computers. Also, during the times of Van Gogh, Monet and Picasso, computers were unheard of. However, his works transcend time and are now worth millions if sold on the market.

You may ask, “What should I wear then?” You can always start with the basic tools: pen or pencil, then paper.

3. Look for real images. You may be tempted to continue learning how to illustrate through the use of photographs. This means that you would copy certain items that you have seen in a magazine, book or on the Internet; it will then collect them to create a completely new image.

This strategy makes things much easier. However, that doesn’t make you a great illustrator. After all, you keep doing no. 1, which is copying. You also wouldn’t learn how to make your images appear 3D as it relies heavily on still photos. What you should do then is go out and capture all the living and non-living things that you see. Draw them the way you see or perceive them.

4. Don’t try to finish it all at once. If you think you can’t complete your drawing at once, don’t do it. You know what usually happens when you’re exhausted: the creative juices stop flowing, and you would produce mediocre results.

Unless you are struggling with a deadline, take as much time as you can for each photo you take. Keep in mind that you are still trying to learn all you can learn about illustration.

5. Have a teacher. Some aspiring illustrators would like to be self-taught. After all, they know they are creative enough, and all they need is technique. However, if you really want to improve your craft, you must be properly guided. You can only do this if there is a mentor nearby.

The illustration is different today. Professionals are increasingly doing their work in computer software, even if they can conceptualize the art by hand. Broad knowledge of computer skills is increasingly important to all artists.

That’s where Adobe Illustrator Exchange.

Adobe Illustrator training help, but sharing Illustrator has benefits that go far beyond.


The amount of downloadable resources that Adobe Illustrator Exchange has is considerable. You can download files there for use with a host of different illustration type software.

For example, the Illustrator interchange has:

  • Brushes
  • Style
  • Samples
  • Symbols
  • Plugins

And many more. Anyone who has tried doing digital illustration using their computer could tell you that the more individual tools you have for drawing, the more precision of range and attention to detail you will be created within digital scripts.

Star rating

Each individual item within Exchange is rated 5 stars, so you’ll determine how other users view that specific tool. The Exchange also has tutorials available to assist you in learning any particular software or technique within the illustration category. Also, scripts and samples can make it much easier; for instance, any particular project you’re performing on quickly and efficiently.

Star rating systems are efficient thanks to performing internal control. This is often because they have a tendency to be more reliable than other methods, thanks to crowdsourcing. It makes more sense to trust an outsized number of users such as you, instead of reviewing sites which will or might not be corrupt. It’s also efficient thanks to making sure that any particular tool is legitimate and not dangerous in any way.

Full access

Perhaps the simplest advantage of Exchange is that the great deal of access you’ve got once you’re signed in. for instance, there are many featured downloads that offer you many various options.

An example of this is often blank t-shirt templates that allow you to print any particular design you would like. There also are world maps that allow you to form your own designs and use them freely for whatever purpose you deem necessary.

World maps are often very useful for teachers. For instance, they might use them in lessons, on tests and quizzes, or in the other way of teaching students.

Variable licenses

The software and tools available have differing types of licenses, counting on what you would like. A number of them are completely free for as long as you would like. It’s important to possess some software that’s liberal to use in any situation, as some situations actually require it. Teachers, for instance, will use the software within the public sphere and can need a completely free choice to avoid paying additional license fees.

But there are also more advanced options for software and various tools that give you access to skills that you might not otherwise have, even though it’s for a demo or shareware only.


An example of something you can find on the exchange is free dog silhouettes. These are shadow renderings of various types of dogs and a dog walker and found in the featured section of the site. They are available for Mac or Windows.

Another example is a free extension for Adobe Creative Suite 5 called “Adobe Connect”. This allows professionals to freely access their Adobe Connect meeting rooms from within the suite software.

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