How to Teach Kids to Read and Write Numbers?

How to Teach Kids to Read and Write Numbers?

Kids learn many things at home nowadays before they join preschool or any play schools at an early age. They learn reading and writing numbers and the alphabet from their parents. Writing numbers can be a challenging activity for the kids in preschool and kindergarten. However, some secret tips will ease how to teach your kid to read and write numbers. That means we can train them how to count the numbers and make them learn how to write the same. Let’s understand how to teach your kids to read and write numbers using simple tricks.

As we all know, one of the first and foremost lessons we teach our kids is how to count numbers. This task is similar to opening the doors to mathematics, and understanding numbers is a necessary skill to conquer the subject in the early years of a kid’s education. Numerous approaches can support kids to feel confident in reading or counting numbers alone while teaching. It’s essential to prove the ability to count/read/write numbers and help them build an understanding of numbers that will help kids evolve mathematical skills in the coming days. Teaching to read and write numbers doesn’t have to be challenging. You need to be patient and follow an engaging approach to train your kids about reading and writing numbers so that they will be excited to learn more with enthusiasm.

Below are the few tricks that help you teach your kids to write and read numbers.

1. Start your lesson with the formation of numbers

Make your child understand the formation of numbers using simple shapes like curves, lines, circles, etc.

2. How to start writing the number

Train your kid to write numbers by starting from the top portion of the number.

3. Use number stories

Sharing some exciting stories will help kids pronounce numbers in a sequence and understand how much the number indicates. For example, counting figures will be a simple task to explain to them about counting and understanding numbers.

4. Count and write numbers

Use some playing things or fingers to make kids understand the count of numbers. Fold your fingers, start counting unfolded fingers, and write the numbers each time. In this way, we can teach them numbers from 0 to 10 quickly. This is a well-known technique to teach kids some basic addition and subtraction in maths. Also, we can use toys and rhymes to make them understand counting. 

5. Write numbers in different places

ou can teach your kids to write numbers by making them observe number shapes in various places. For example, by writing them on paper, writing numbers on a floor using some colours, etc.

Apart from the above-mentioned tricks, there exist multiple techniques to teach kids to read and write numbers. Many of us know that kids will grasp things by hearing and seeing something more comfortable to pronounce. Thus, we can use the technology to show them some fun rhymes and videos on numbers to make them understand effectively. Besides, you can use some workbooks that help kids read and write by seeing some pictures. In this way, we can use a number of simple tricks to teach kids writing and reading numbers in an easily understandable way.

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