Here Are the Happiest Cities in South Carolina

Happiness is one of the most important but underrated parts of modern life.  Living happier helps you live longer, feel connected to your community, and lowers stress by a thousand degrees.

If you want to visit an area that will lower your blood pressure and pull the corners of your mouth up into a smile, these are the happiest cities in South Carolina.

What Makes South Carolina So Happy?

South Carolina is able to be so happy because it sits at a perfect intersection of identities.  On the one hand, it’s a southern state, which means you get that southern charm and hospitality even from strangers.  On the other hand, it’s also a state with a vast coastline, which can give it vacation vibes year-round. 

How affordable the housing is here doesn’t hurt either!  You can find Charleston houses for sale that are half the price of similar homes you’ll find in California.  That’s a huge selling point.

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is often rated one of the happiest places to live in the nation because of how beautiful the area is, how young the residents are, and how great business options are.  You can enjoy everything from exploring nearby beaches to climbing the corporate ladder, depending on what strikes your fancy.  

Myrtle Beach

Vacation towns are built differently!  Myrtle Beach is one of the most famous beach cities in the country, pulling in thousands of new visitors every day.  Here you can take in the waves and wonderful views, or you could stop and enjoy a delicious meal at one of the awesome restaurants that offer everything from seafood to southern comfort food.  

The beach is full of beautiful white sand, gorgeous shells, and endless opportunities to meet locals and make friends.  This is an incredible city to fall in love with.

Five Forks

If you love the idea of Charleston but don’t want to live in the city proper, you’re not alone!  You don’t have to live in a bustling metropolis to be happy.  Instead, Five Forks gives you a chance to connect with history, explore art and culture, and take advantage of countless parks and trails, all while still being close enough to a major city that you could make a high income.  This is a beautiful and awesome place to live.

Is it Worth Moving Here?

If you’re struggling to find somewhere that’s both affordable and gorgeous, it’s time to start considering South Carolina.  This beautiful state has a little bit of something joyful for everyone and feels like a dream come true.

Not only will you find far more affordable living, but you’ll get to vacation in the mountains or oceanside year round!  Beyond that, this is also a great place to enjoy comforting food and friendly locals.

South Carolina Knows How to Smile! 

Whether you’re not from the south and are looking for a change of pace, or you simply want to move somewhere happier, South Carolina has you covered.  Consider moving to one of these gorgeously smiling cities, and you’ll look on the sunny side too! 

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