Factors That Make Pier And Beam Crucial In Constructions

Factors That Make Pier And Beam Crucial In Constructions

There are so many amazing constructions that are coming up these days with of course new architecture. But what matters the most is the root at which it is being built. The role of pier and beam in such a case is extremely important. The individuals who are looking forward to purchasing a home with a foundation should focus on it having a pier foundation. This may not seem to be a popular choice but certainly, it holds ample advantages once implemented. The foundation made from it is designed using the cocreate piers and thus the foundation ensures the right support along with the space is provided to the structural beam that shall carry out the house atop weight as well.

Advantages of Pier and Beam Foundation

In most of the flooded areas, the foundation of the pier and beam is used the most. The reason is obvious and it helps in uplifting the home at the same time ensuring the house stays protected against high tides, floods, and moisture damage.

Such a foundation is likely to cause a space which is called the crawl space. It ensures the plumbers and electricians get better access to the wires and pipes so that maintenance becomes easy. If there is a slab foundation it would be challenging for such experts since there would not be any crawl space. Often, to access it, the foundation needs to be broken down as well.

Whether it is to find the terminates, remove them, or prevent them home against them, the foundation of the pier and beam is the ideal option. The wood that may not get in contact with the ground is the most wrong-thinking people often have because termites can travel across the tunnel and can crawl inside the foundation space easily.

In the case of remodeling too, such a type of foundation is of great help. Often, people wish to add or make some changes in the corners and improve the home. This remodeling project of course would require ample things to be changed and for which the investment can be quite high too. But if there is such a beam and pier foundation, then additional digging needs not to be done and thus more money can be saved.

Such a type of foundation can work the best in areas where there is dry soil the most. As the footings are buried in-depth underground, they remain unaffected by the changes that are being made in the soil at the level of the surface. This is the main reason why a home can stay quite stable.


Overall, to have a pier and beam foundation would only benefit the individual be it for the home or the office. It helps in ensuring the foundation is strongly made at the initial stage itself. Besides, there are quite fewer chances of even coming across some expensive repairs as compared to the slab foundation. It is one of the amazing options that can be chosen.

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